AirWick AIR FRESHNER Rose & Saffron


    • Color: MORNING ROSE
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  • Dual action formula
  • Fights unwanted odors and eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Fragrances the air instantly
  • Give your home a unique and tender waft of rose
  • Available in – Citrus Splash, Mystic Sandal & Jasmine, Morning Rose Dew, and Fresh Water
  • Product description

    We know, a lot of thought and affection goes into everything you fill your home with. Just as you carefully choose its furnishings, textures and colors, you also should choose the right mix of fragrances to express your home’s story. Now, bring everything together with Air Wick that gives a finishing and lasting touch to the mood you’ve designed for your home. Let the scent tell your home’s unique story by setting the perfect ambience that your family and friends will remember you for. No matter where you live, every home is beautiful when Airwick is in the Air. Playful Aerosols: As the seasons change, so does the air. But Air Wick offers you a rich palette of fragrances, so you can easily adapt the the changes while you remain in your own comfortable fresh smelling home. Air Wick Aerosols are fragrances made from essential oils. These are effective in eliminating all kinds of malodors and keeps your home smelling as good as a flower field. It’s fast acting formula is perfect for an instant boost of mood and ambience in the house. Simply spray and let the freshness unveil. Airwick Aerosols will truly help define your home. This fragrance is made from essential oils - extracted from fruits, flowers and plants that helps inspire the mood you want to create for your home. Your home, just like life, is ever changing. It must be full of energy, freshness and activity. But the fast paced modern life makes it hard to stop and embrace things that help make your home a home. And we believe, fragrances tie a home together and the new Airwick Aerosols work to evoke all that’s good into your home, making it the center of your life. By changing the fragrances, you’ll always experience a fresh lift in your surroundings. Airwick Aerosols will truly help define your home. Safety Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Flammable contents. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. Do not puncture or throw into an open flame. Do not spray on food. Avoid direct inhalation of spray mist. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If it gets into eyes, wash out with plenty of water. If irritation persists, contact a doctor.

    From the manufacturer

    Eliminates Odour

    New patented technology kills odour for enhanced fragrance experience.

    Fast Acting

    The fragrance spreads quickly through the room and keeps it smelling fresh.

    Fresh Rose Fragrance

    Enjoy the calmness infused by the natural fragrance of rose.

    Shake well before use.

    Press button firmly to release the spray.

    Enjoy the pleasant fragrance inspired by nature.

      Airwick Air Freshener Spray Ordinary Aerosol
    Made from Essential Oils  
    Neutralizes Odors
    Spreads Quickly to Remove Unpleasant Fragrances  
    Nature Inspired Fragrances  
    Available in Many Fragrances to Suit your Mood

    Usage Instructions

    Read safety information carefully before use. Retain instructions for future reference.

    1. Shake well before use.

    2. Hold can upright and spray away from face and body.

    3. Note that the spray is released upward from top of the cap.

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